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September 13-15, 2019: In the Name of the Land: Exploring New Pathways in Nature Writing Weekend Retreat

Now offered at a Special Reduced Rate of $300 (plus taxes)


Have you ever wanted to:
  • Take a deep dive into the poetry of Mary Oliver?
  • Learn mindfulness techniques for the creative writer?
  • Discover the inner and outer landscapes in nature writing?

Now’s your chance with the Nature Writing Retreat! We’re exploring these topics and more in our workshops which are suitable for writers of every genre and background. Keep reading for more info!

Nature writing is often defined as environmental, or as the literature of place, or as landscape writing. The borders of the genre, though, are porous; after all, most writers write about nature in one way or another—some lovingly, some strategically, some politically, some lyrically. At this retreat, participants will hone their definitions and perceptions of nature writing. Participants will also have the opportunity to engage with natural landscapes, learn mindfulness practices to deepen their sensory and intuitive experiences of the natural world and practice writing about nature in inventive ways. These practices will be designed for people who feel a desire to write directly about the land in a variety of genres, as well as for people who want to learn to develop richer, more realistic, and more meaningful settings for their creative work.

We are excited to be joined once again by Melissa Jean, an Assistant Professor in the Mindfulness Studies masters’ program at Lesley University, where she also works as an Interdisciplinary Studies facilitator for Creative Writing MFA students. She teaches courses in academic writing, creative writing, research methods, and mindfulness and the environment.

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September 20-22, 2019: What If. . . A Retreat for Women Who Write Weekend Retreat


This retreat is full. Registration, as well as the waitlist, is closed. 

What if women placed more importance on internal beauty rather than outer appearance? What if women recognized and trusted their own intelligence and abilities? What if women claimed equal status in society, in their work, and in their homes? What if women realized the power of their words? What if these women stood together instead of judging each other? And what if all these women were writers sharing their voices with the world?

In this exclusive retreat designed for women who write, we’ll be joined by author and wellness coach, Sarah Hays Coomer, as we learn to examine the connections between our mental and physical health and our writing. Through a series of workshops and activities, we’ll work through fear, doubt, and self-judgment and express our strength as women. We’ll draw from our own unique perspectives to create honest and noteworthy pieces of writing. Together, we’ll discover our role as Women Writers.


October 4-6, 2019: Rooted in your Words: A Yoga and Writing Weekend Retreat

What does it mean to be grounded, to stand firm upon the foundation you’ve set for yourself as a writer? What does it mean to feel secure in your relationship with the words you write? In this yoga and writing workshop, we’ll explore the Root Chakra, the energy center within the body that is responsible for our physical and emotional sense of safety and belonging. During sessions of gentle yoga and meditation, as well as generative writing workshops, we’ll consider how meeting the basic needs of body, mind, and soul can free creativity and make us happier and more productive writers. We’ll seek ways to ground ourselves into the earth and anchor our energy into the world. This retreat begins our journey from base to crown, from roots to wings.

We’re happy to welcome Cathleen Kahn back to Rockvale as our partner in this retreat. An educator and compassionate healer, Cathleen Kahn teaches people to see physical fitness as a path to positive change in their lives. Working as a yogi, wellness expert, and the founder and co-owner of CatFit Yoga, she helps her clients find sustainable paths to health, happiness, and self-love.




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