Day Writing at RWC

Do you live in the Middle Tennessee area?
Are you looking for a space to write, but only have a day to spare?
Why rent a cubicle when you can come to RWC as a Day Writer?

For those who have not previously been accepted to Rockvale Writers’ Colony, an application is required. Applications will include a brief bio, a writing sample, and the requested day(s) on which the writer would like to come. Be sure to select “I am interested in being a Day Writer at RWC” as the Desired Length of Stay.

Those who have previously applied or resided at RWC may use our Returning Writer form.

Once the application is accepted, Day Writing may be scheduled as many times as the writer would like at a rate of $50/day + tax. Day Writers will have access to WiFi, as well as the common areas in the Farmhouse, the kitchen, and all outdoor spaces – including our hiking trails! – from 9 am to 4 pm, Tuesday through Friday.