First Time Applicants:

We accept applications year-round and only through Submittable. A $30.00 application fee applies to all first-time applicants who are applying for a residency. We highly suggest you take the time to familiarize yourself with the purpose of RWC by reading our website BEFORE you apply.

Rockvale Writers’ Colony does not offer scholarships at this time; however, our weekly rates are highly subsidized. Food and travel are the responsibility of the writer. The following fees apply to all accepted applicants:

  • 2023 Weekly Residency Fee – $425 for Farmhouse Rooms and Cabin, $475 for Granary 
  • Cleaning Fee – $30
  • Sales Tax of 9.75% and Occupancy Tax of 4%

If accepted for residency, a $100.00 per requested week deposit is required to hold your place on our calendar. The deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE.

If you request 1 week, the deposit is $100. If you request 2 weeks, the deposit is $200, etc. The deposit is applied to the total fee required. 

Residencies must begin on a Monday and end on a Sunday. Please refer to the Availability Calendar below. 

If you wish to prepare your application before you officially submit, we provide the following list of questions that you’ll find on the Submittable form. We don’t ask for references. We ask that you articulate for yourself who you are and why you want to come to RWC.

  • Your contact information including name, address, phone number, email address, gender, and date of birth.
  • Bio: Tell us about yourself. What genre do you write in?
  • Tell us about the project you’ll be working on. We’d like a detailed description.
  • Have you been to other residencies? If so, list them with the dates you attended.
  • Upload a sample of your writing. (5 pages) This should reflect your intended project.
  • Tell us what a residency at RWC would mean to you. What is it about the colony that attracts you? How did you hear about us?
  • What is your intended length of stay at RWC?
  • What dates are you available for residency at RWC? Give us your top 2 choices. Note: Flexibility with dates is greatly appreciated.
  • Do you have any special needs that might affect your stay at RWC? If so, please be specific so that we can ensure we can meet them.
  • Do you have a writer website you’d like to share with us? If so, please do!

We aim to respond to all residency applications within 30 days, but we often get back to writers much sooner than that.

For your convenience, we offer this calendar that shows available dates for residencies in green. Unavailable dates are listed in red.

Please note: The weeks in this calendar begin with Monday!

Also: During the winter months, there is a high likelihood that you will be alone or one of 2-3 resident writers at the colony. If this is not your desired experience, we suggest applying for a summer/early fall residency.

RWC Residency Availability Calendar


Farmhouse rooms are assigned by the director the week before residency begins. Most of our writers will stay in the Farmhouse and we do not accept room requests for this building. Writers may request to stay in the Cabin and Granary (additional fees apply for Granary) and when possible, we’ll do our best to fulfill these requests.

Feel free to email the director at with any questions you may have regarding application or your stay as an RWC resident.

We are open for 2024 Residency Applications. Please refer to the Availability Calendar before requesting dates.

Returning Or Previously Accepted Writers:

Writers who have already applied for residency and have been accepted are not required to apply again and pay the application fee, but are required to request new residencies with us through the Submittable form for Returning or Previously Accepted Writers. Please note, this does not include writers who have only attended a retreat and have not applied for residency. Click HERE for the form.