Porchside Chats : Interviews with RWC Writers

At Rockvale, we love getting to know our writers and the unique stories they bring along with them. In the Porchside Chat interview series, we indulge in the opportunity to sit down and talk with a few of our fellowship winners, learning everything from what they write, to what brought them here and how they made the most of their time at RWC.

August 2023 – Mark Burrows
Dr. Jeff Byers Fellowship for Musicians Recipient

July 2023 – Rachel Morgan
RWC “Language of the Land” Fellow
August 2022 – Colleen Metzger
RWC Resident Artist
July 2021 – Jan McDaniel
RWC “Flash Fiction” Fellow
April 2021 – Laura Grooms
RWC “Believe” Fellow
March 2020 – Bridgett Jensen
AROHO “Power of Creativity” Fellow