Covid Policies

New Policies and Precautions in Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic

As we move through 2022, we’re happy to share community with our writers. Direct all questions to

Believing while Social Distancing!

January 2022 UPDATE: We are keeping a close eye on all things Covid related as we move through the new year. The state of Tennessee does not have a mask mandate. Williamson County does not have a mask mandate, although local businesses may still require customers to wear masks. Williamson County is doing an excellent job with vaccinations, including boosters, which are open to all Tennesseans. The staff of RWC is fully vaccinated. With this in mind, please read the following points and policies:

  1. If a writer is sick, has a fever, or has been around anyone testing positive for Covid-19, we request they do not come to RWC.
  2. Vaccinations against Covid 19 are highly encouraged for writers coming to RWC. Writers are not required to wear a mask indoors or outdoors, but certainly may if desired.
  3. We have a large place. The farmhouse alone is 5500 square feet. We have 65 acres of property in a rural section of the county. The top number of writers allowed for residency in any given week is 9 (5 in the Farmhouse, 1 in the Cabin, and 1 in the Granary, and 2 in the Carriage House.) We feel confident that social distancing can be accomplished easily.
  4. All our rooms are private bedroom/bathroom suites. There are no shared bathrooms or private spaces.
  5. Common areas, such as the library and writing porch are regularly cleaned and surfaces disinfected. These areas are easily avoided if a writer does not feel comfortable being in a common room.
  6. The farmhouse kitchen and pantry are shared. It is up to the individual writer to decide if they want to be in the kitchen/pantry at the same time as other writers.
  7. We have 2 completely private spaces, the Ogilvie Granary and the Carriage House, which are self-contained and separate buildings. These spaces must be reserved in advance and have a slightly higher residency fee. The Cabin is a separate building as well, but does not have a kitchen. Residents in the Cabin must prepare meals in the Farmhouse kitchen.
  8. We don’t supply any food, so there is no added risk to writers at mealtimes. The refrigerator and pantry are cleaned and cleared out each week. Our Monday Welcome Dinner is no longer being held.
  9. We deep clean all rooms between writers’ stays, especially the kitchen and surfaces in shared spaces. Each writer bedroom/bathroom has a container of Clorox wipes for the writer to use as desired. Hand sanitizer is available throughout the colony.
  10. Tours of the property are optional. Writers can ask questions in several ways, including email and text.
  11. If, during the fall and winter season, Covid cases rise and our county/state mandate additional precautions, RWC will adjust accordingly. This will be communicated to all scheduled writers via email.