Letter from the Director – February 2024

A Leap of Faith

“Creativity is always a leap of faith.” – Julia Cameron

February. What do you do with this month? It’s cold, it’s not so cold, it’s rainy, it’s cloudy. There are some months I don’t quite know what to do with. February is one of them. It’s a curious month, made even more curious when Julius Caesar decided to add a day to the month every 4 years to make up for the quarter days in Earth’s yearly trip around the sun. We call it Leap Day, February 29th. And this year, we’ve got one.

When I’m feeling a little out of sorts or like I’m not sure what I should be doing with my energy, I usually turn to art. It calms me, stabilizes me, makes me feel like I’m accomplishing something or at least creating something with my hands and mind. I’ve done a lot of art this year so far. (I’ve done some writing too!) My main art project has been to create a book of words and colored drawings. It is my love note to myself. It says the things I need to hear and believe. I have rejoiced in its creation, and every time I read through it, I feel the same deep satisfying belief that these are holy words coming to me through me but also are part of the greater unconscious that watches and guards me. 

And then I thought about sharing the love. A dangerous thought perhaps, a “leap of faith” perhaps, but one that seemed vital to the work I intend to do on myself this year. I decided to start an art and conversation group, stating no artistic skill was necessary and no one needed to be a great conversationalist. The group would meet at my house once or maybe twice a month. It was an invitation to join something, learn something, share something, with no expectations or stress. But, would anyone be interested? Was I alone in my need for community and purpose? I put it out there in the universe known as Facebook and also sent a few personal emails. Thirty people responded with interest. Thirty!

Here’s what I learned. People crave connection. People crave creativity. If we open ourselves to being a conduit for others to receive something good for their souls, we receive that same goodness in return. The leap it took to put my idea out into the world was not such a dangerous one after all. I’m still setting all the details in place and I’m about to send the official “here we go” email to everyone. I’m thinking our first meeting date should be Leap Day, February 29th. What do you think? Sounds good, doesn’t it?!!