Letter from the Director – November 2021

“Forward” is a Pace

Last month, I stood in front of this gate contemplating how much work there was to do at Rockvale Writers’ Colony. Good work. Worthwhile work. Difficult, sometimes challenging work. I felt a surge of love and pride for this place. My place! My ideas. My plans. MY work building this place by myself. But then I had a reality check with a different thought that balanced pride with a bigger surge of gratitude for all the people who worked with me, cried with me, listened to my struggles, and still believed with me that this place could be something special. 

We’re finished with residencies for 2021. In November, there are 3 themed weekend retreats in a row. In December, I’ll have a few weeks of rest as I plan for 2022. Next year is looking good, building off the energy of over 150 writers from this year. I’m excited, not at all cautiously, but boldly, for what’s ahead.

One of my favorite sayings from endurance sports is this: “Forward is a pace.” There were plenty of times (note the entire year of 2020) the speed of building RWC was at a crawl. I know any forward motion was carried on the backs of the goodwill and beautiful hearts of many, many people. It is not me alone, not even when I try to give myself all the credit! 

Dear ones, allow me this indulgence of gratitude. 

  • To my friends and family who show up for me over and over again, I am undeserving but so very thankful. 
  • To the teachers and faciltators of workshops, you give me hope. I am amazed at your brilliance. Thank you. 
  • To the many writers I’ve met, many for whom I have complete trust and love and consider true friends, thank you. 
  • To my College Grove neighbors who refuse to let me mess up due to ignorance and inexperience (read into this, tractors and mowing fields!), thank you.
  • To the women who work/worked with me here, I say Girl Power Rules! Thank you.
  • To all who know about RWC (but haven’t yet been here!) and send good energy, good wishes, good thoughts, good intentions, good light, thank you.
  • To those who believe in the power of words, I believe with you.

To those who don’t yet believe, but will . . .