Letter from the Director, May 2021

We’re Looking for a Few Good Writers . . .
with a few other skills, and hearts and hands for helping!

Spring is in full force and the road to summer is looking bright. At RWC, I’m busier than I’ve ever been. In fact, many residency weeks in May, June, and July are full. While it makes me happy and excited to welcome so many new creative people to the colony, it also feels a little daunting. There’s so much to do! 

That’s why I’m starting a Volunteer Program at the colony. I’m looking for writers, readers, dreamers, and creative souls who are interested in supporting RWC with their time and labor. How much time and what kind of labor, you ask? It depends on the availability, interest, and skill set of the volunteer! We have a wide variety of opportunities!

Obviously, volunteers will need to be middle TN residents with the ability to come to the colony since our needs are very hands-on. The time commitment could be a one-time, one hour kind of thing or a consistent, regular engagement. We’ll supply the instruction and tools. We just need willing hands. Work opportunities include: 

  • Garden Work – weeding, mulching, planting, trimming
  • Lawn Work – mowing, weed-eating/trimming
  • Office Work – filing, organizing, typing, research
  • House Work – cleaning, laundry (bedding and towels), sweeping, mopping, organizing
  • Trail Work – maintenance, trail marking, assessing hazards, placing signs, creating trail guide
  • Farm Work – fence repair, mowing the fence line 
  • Wood Work – building Believe benches, building signposts for trail signs
  • Creative Work – painting, spray painting, writing, taking photos, and more 
  • Handyman Work – minor fixes, but there’s always more if you’ve got the know-how!
  • Project Work – labyrinths, vegetable garden, herb garden, bridges

Are you interested in joining the community of volunteers who “believe” in Rockvale? I’d love to chat! Please fill out the document at this Google Forms link with your ideas, interests, or questions: https://forms.gle/1fk4ZwqFp5YKRski8

Thanks in advance for your help!Blessings,