Updated Rate Policy for Single Night Residencies (plus some exciting news!)

Rockvale Writers’ Colony is introducing an updated rate of $100/night (plus tax) for writers who desire to stay at the Colony for a period of one, two, or three nights. This special rate includes all residency fees. No application is required. Dates are subject to availability.

These shorter stays are an excellent way to make some extra time for your writing. Please note that writers who apply for one weeks’ residency or longer will always be given preference in date selection. As a reminder, all writers who stay at the colony for any length of time are expected to use that time to work on their writing projects.

In conjunction with this updated rate, we are also now offering gift certificates! Certificates can be purchased for one, two, or three nights’ stay. Please only purchase a certificate for a serious writer who will make the most of their time at the writers’ colony. The recipient will not need to apply, but must personally book their residency with the Director within one year of the certificate’s purchase. Stays are subject to room availability.

Please email Sandy at sandy.rockvale@gmail.com to inquire about booking your short stay or purchasing a gift certificate. If you are interested in being a Writer-in-Residence for one week or longer, please apply via Submittable.